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Clinical Products

Science-based tests for evaluation and treatment planning

Child Protection

Child protection products you can trust.

Education & Training

Education and training for existing staff and users

Protecting Children & Communities with Science-based Evaluations and Screens for over 20 years

The Abel Assessment for sexual interest-3™  (AASI-3) is an empirically-validated, comprehensive evaluation and treatment assessment system for clinicians to use with adult men and women with sexual behavior problems.

The Abel Assessment for Sexual interest-2™ (AASI-2) is a complex assessment used by clinicians to evaluate adolescents and teens (ages 12-17) with sexual behavior problems. 

The Abel-Blasingame Assessment System for individuals with intellectual disabilities™(ABID) is like the AASI-3, but uniquely adapted for clinicians to use with clients who have special needs.

The Diana Screen® is an easy to use, computer-based, pre-hire/volunteer risk management screen that keeps children and teens safe from sexual abuse and sexual boundary violations.

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