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The Abel Assessment for sexual interest 2™ for Boys and Girls (AASI-2) is a complex assessment used by clinicians to evaluate adolescents and teens with sexual behavior problems, including juvenile sex offenders. It is specifically designed for use with boys and girls ages 12-17 to objectively measure their sexual interests and obtain information regarding involvement in a number of abusive or problematic sexual behaviors. The AASI-2 provides the clinician with baseline data, treatment planning guidance, and evaluation of the adolescent or teen’s progress as he or she goes through the treatment process. Because different sections of the assessment system work together, the AASI-2 is really a system of evaluation tools that allow the therapist to quickly receive a range of valuable information organized in one detailed report.



  • Objective Measurements of Sexual Interest in Children [Visual Reaction Time™ (VRT®)

  • Danger to Children Registry   

  •  Cognitive Distortion Score 

  • Social Desirability Score   

  • Sexual Behaviors Summary Table   

  • Therapist’s Reasons for Evaluation  

  • Detailed Summary of Admitted Sexual Behaviors   

  • Detailed Summary of Sexual Health Concerns   

  • History as a Victim of Sexual Abuse   

  • Emerick Sexual Victimization Trauma Scales   

  • Sexual Behaviors Ratings   

  • Sexual Fantasies Ratings   

  • Accusations, Arrests, and Convictions   

  • Questionnaire Data

  • Sexual Interest Vignette Scales  

  • Summary of Drug and Alcohol Use  


Using the AASI-2

The AASI-2 is administered on a Windows®-based laptop. Once the client completes the test, the evaluator sends the data electronically to Abel Screening for processing. The detailed report is returned to the evaluator within 10 to 20 minutes.

If you are a clinician interested in learning more about using the Abel Assessments with youth and juvenile sex offenders, please Contact Us or call 404.874.4772.

Each AASI-2 Report includes:

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