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How To Become A Licensed AASI Clinician

Join the hundreds of AASI Licensed customers operating in North America and Europe and learn firsthand why Abel Screening, Inc. is the industry leader in science-based tests for sex specific treatment and evaluation.

AASI licensed clinicians operate in agencies and facilities that have purchased an AASI clinical product. To learn more about purchasing Abel Screening products, complete our Contact form, or call Abel Screening at 404.874.4772.

Clinicians seeking to administer and interpret Abel Screening

assessments must provide proof of possessing a professional

clinician’s license in their state,and must pass an Abel Screening

brief exam. The exam allows Abel Screening to determine that

the clinician has the understanding necessary to effectively

administer the product and interpret its reports.

All clinicians who have passed the brief exam are encouraged to

take advantage of free practice tests and consultations with

Abel Screening clinicians who can assist them in reviewing and

interpreting reports and assessments. In addition, new clinicians

should also take advantage of our free, monthly web-based

new user orientations. To learn more about becoming a licensed AASI clinician, please Contact Us or call 404.874.4772.

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