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                                                                                                     Do children truly understand the meaning of appropriate adult                                                                                                                               relationships?

                                                                                                     Do all professionals and volunteers who work with youth understand                                                                                                                   ethical and professional boundaries?

                                                                                                     These and other questions are key to understanding Better Boundaries                                                                                                           when working with traumatized, abused and neglected youth.

                                                                                                     Crossing ethical and professional boundaries can have a devastating                                                                                                           impact on youth and their families. When professionals' cross              boundaries even unintentionally, the youth-serving organization can expect loss after loss: loss of client and family trust, loss of staff, loss of time in dealing with the aftermath, and possible loss of funding.


The Abel-McGinnis Better Boundaries Training Course™ has been developed and piloted specifically for professionals and volunteers working with youth in a variety of settings. Gene G. Abel, M.D., who has a nationally renowned practice treating providers charged with professional misconduct, and Robin McGinnis, M.S.W. and Former C.E.O. of Alternative Behavior Treatment Centers, with over 35 years experience working with abused and neglected children and teens, have joined forces to develop this unique training program for all levels of professionals and volunteers. 

The course teaches how to

  • Resolve conflicts between professional ethics and organizational demands

  • Practice within the boundaries of your competenc

  • Maintain professionalism with clients

  • Foster a culture of professionalism in the workplace

For more information about The Abel-McGinnis Better Boundaries Training Course™, please Contact Us or call Abel Screening at 404.874.4772.

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Better Boundaries Training

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