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The Stop Child Molestation Book

by Gene G. Abel, M.D. and Nora Harlow

The Stop Child Molestation Book has been called "groundbreaking," "hard-hitting," and "a must-read for every family in America." What makes this a breakthrough book is its plan of action to put an end to child molestation. Using new facts from their study of 16,000 people, Gene G. Abel, M.D.and Nora Harlow urge families to take three powerful steps to protect their children.

"We want to stop child molestation in the United States before we die. Only a few years ago that goal seemed laughable. Now, the breakthroughs in testing, medicine, and therapies will stop the people who molest children. Child molestation — with its at least 39 million adult survivors and more than three million child victims — can end. The problem we face is getting the word out. Everything you need to know is in this book. We ask you to read it. We ask you to tell others. And, we ask you to become a hero and step forward to protect the children closest to you."

Gene G. Abel, M.D. and Nora Harlow

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Developmentally Disabled Persons With Sexual Behavior Problems 2nd Edition
by Gerry D. Blasingame, M.A., L.M.F.T.

Working with developmentally disabled persons presents unique challenges to therapists and staff in both residential and community-based settings. The need for understanding, knowledgeable, and communicative employees in such programs is crucial, especially when clients have sexually offended or exhibit sexually inappropriate behavior. Developmentally Disabled Persons with Sexual Behavior Problems compiles information for those working with developmentally disabled clients, reviewing literature and research in the field and offering theoretical and practical strategies for intervening with this population.

This comprehensive volume includes an examination of recidivism rates within the general population, forensic and staffing issues that arise in treatment, and the influence developmental disabilities have on sexual development. The author also includes clinical assessment tools, program forms, and mental and sexual health evaluations to help develop more effective programs.

Purchase a copy: Developmentally Disabled Persons with Sexual Behavior Problems 


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